Auto Parts Logistics

Our company specializes in air freight delivery of auto parts from the USA. Typically, clients who want to buy automotive parts in the USA often do not speak English, and sometimes cannot find the stores they are searching for through search engines. Below is a small list of online auto part stores from which our customers often buy parts, and these stores have proven to be reliable suppliers, timely and always accurately send the items back to the warehouse location.”

If you cannot find the car parts you need for your vehicle, please contact us, and we will help you for absolutely free on the condition that the parts are sent through our company.

We can also help you afford purchases made in online stores (commission is only 10%) if you cannot afford your purchase with the help of your credit card. We accept the following payments:

Bank transfers

Western union

Money gramm


US Address Forward (My USA Address)

My USA Address was originally conceived as a means for expatriates to receive US catalogs and mail overseas. This simple idea flourished, and quickly grew into a pioneering global company that opened US retail channels to international shoppers.

For over 18 years, consumers around the globe have trusted Elite Shipping to provide a simple, reliable way to shop US online stores and ship their purchases worldwide. We deliver a streamlined and cost-effective shipping process and complete online account management to 300,000+ members in 220 countries and territories, including Saudi Arabia, France, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Spain, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, India, Iraq, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Germany, and Switzerland.

Only Elite Shipping has the resources, expertise, customer dedication, and global experience to make shopping and shipping from the US consistently fast, dependable and affordable.