Air Cargo

What is the minimum weight for Air Cargo?

The minimum weight we recommend is 100kg, less than that we recommend to be shipped via DHL, FedEx, USPS

What is the air cargo limit?

We can ship anywhere from 100kg to a whole vehicle.

Cargo Transportation

You purchase a dangerous cargo from US. How to proceed?

The cargo shipper has to issue IMO declaration. Which has to be approved from the shipping company. Once is approved the cargo is good to be shipped.

Is it necessary to insure the cargo?

According CIF insurance is not mandatory, but can be useful and we highly recommend it. Ocean cargo insurance cover any cargo damage in any instance. Cost of the insurance can very between 0.75%-1.5% from the declared cargo value

Can you guarantee exact delivery date?

We can give you the approximate delivery date. Sometimes customs inspections, weather conditions can cause delays. We cannot guarantee the exact delivery date.

Car Transportation

How to transport the vehicle to the port of loading?

Once you and purchase the vehicle. We arrange the transportation to port of loading.

Most of the time the transport is made by trucks, but in some cases (boats and yachts), are transported on their own trailers. We always choose the best itinerary for your cargo.

The proper itinerary depends on the location of your vehicle and its proximity to the port of loading. Based on this factors we calculate the total cost of your shipping. The exact delivery time may very from 2 days up to 2 weeks, based on the vehicle proximity to a major port.

How the vehicle is delivered to the final destination.

Usually we ship in 40 ft containers with all the major shipping lines (Maersk, MSC etc.) depend on the port of loading and cargo destination. Usually in a 40 ft container we fit 3 middle size vehicles secured with special straps. Over size equipment is placed on the shipping dock. Once the cargo is loaded you will be able to track it online. You can track you cargo using either one of the following:

container number;

booking number;

bill of lading.

How much the vehicle transportation cost?

We need the following date to provide you with detailed answer:

Vehicle make and model
Exact vehicle location
Who is responsible for the vehicle transportation to our warehouse. For your convenience we can arrange this with you.

I bought a vehicle, container sailed, where are my documents?

All the necessary documents will be shipped to you within 10 business days from the time of container loading. Why 10 days? 10 Days are required by the US customs to check and confirm the legal status of your vehicle and approve the documents.

How should I prepare my vehicle for auto transport?

Add antifreeze to your engine if you are traveling to a cold climate. Secure any loose items such as antennas. Disconnect auto alarms and anti-theft systems. Remove any car covers, as they are not allowed.

How much gasoline do I leave in the tank?

As little as possible. There should be not more than the reserve left in the tank at time of shipping.