About us


Established in 2016…

Elite Shipping was formed for one purpose to bring together and connect our diverse community through our simplified international shipping process.

We are headquartered in Houston, Texas and have a proven track record of being a reliable, full-service transportation provider with a comprehensive range of logistic services individually tailored to suit a client’s requirements.

Elite shipping has a wide network of full service freight forwarding providers that share the same vision throughout the world: to deliver affordable options in shipping any item, anywhere.



Our mission is to allow our customers to focus on their businesses by making the transportation of their goods easy, fast, and dependable. We have focused on the following three aspects in order to achieve our mission;


Ownership means that our people take personal responsibility for the performance of the company, and reap personal reward for excellent work. The origin and destination stations are responsible for making sure their shipments are moving correctly. At the same time, every Elite Shipping employee/agent gives personal service to every piece of freight and its owner. They are always aware of its status and are all responsible for ensuring that it arrives at its destination on time. Ownership means responding to each customer’s unique needs and following every shipment every time, to ensure that those needs are met.


We communicate regularly with our customers/agents regarding the services they need, and Elite Shipping’s performance of those services. This communication includes the full and realistic explanation of what Elite Shipping will do to serve the customer, as well as periodic performance reviews and automated notifications to the customer of the status of individual shipments. Elite Shipping will never give excuses and will always serve its customers with the utmost loyalty and honesty. Elite Shipping depots/agents also communicate regularly with each other to avoid problems before they occur and to solve problems quickly when they do occur.


Our in house and bespoke system development allows us to tailor make our service and rapidly respond to all freight movements, we are unique and we intend to stay that way, we will promote technological innovation to deliver world class services, anywhere, anyplace and at anytime.

We look forward to making Elite Shipping a Global success and thank you for your time in visiting our website.